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Ouita Coal Company Mountain Bike Trails

I was able to get out yesterday afternoon and ride the, relatively, new trails at the “Sweet Spot”. The trails are called the Ouita Coal Company Trails. I rode about 8 miles. All single track and well maintained. Huge shout outs to Doug Housley, Terry Boyd and others along with the River Valley chapter of the Ozark Off Road Cyclists. Hundreds of hours have been spent building these awesome trails. It was cool and windy, the trees swaying, creaking and moaning with the strong winds. Occasionally you could hear the crashing of large tree branches falling in the woods.
This trail is perfect for all levels of riders and is also a great trail running, walking/hiking trail.
I especially liked the new trail along the lake. Wouldn’t it be nice if the lake was clean enough to swim in after a long hard ride in the summer. There are several sweet “swimming areas” along that part of the trail.
I don’t think I am too premature, but I think these are my new favorite trails to ride. I’ve put 1,000’s of miles on the trails at Old Post Road Park over the last 10 or so years and now I plan on putting that many miles on this new trail in Russellville.
Check back with our website,, for a map of the trails, pictures and more descriptive information.
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